End Game in Afghanistan
End Game: Referring to the end period of a game of chess

Chess is supposed to have originated in northern India or in Afghanistan, coming from several similar games which were played in that region certainly by 600CE and perhaps even as early as 100CE, so perhaps it is fitting we use the name for what it seems is at last the final period of the Afghan occupation reported in the media recently.

Just as in previous occupations, like the one in Vietnam, the West is announcing mission over, that it is going to hand over security to a local proxy and Nato has now announced a new strategy in Afghanistan that will see the handing over of responsibility for security to Afghan forces from 2011 and allow for significant troop withdrawals by December 2014.

British PM David Cameron said he hoped most troops would be out by 2014 but promised British troops would be withdrawn by the end of 2015 whatever the conditions.

At the beginning of a two-day Nato summit earlier this month, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the military alliance’s secretary general, stated that the plan for a gradual withdrawal of most of the 150,000 foreign troops would be announced during the forthcoming meeting in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital – once a Muslim city also taken by the crusaders.

Rasmussen said that the 28-nation alliance was committed to the 2014 target date, despite comments from some officials at Nato and in the US that it was too ambitious considering the strength of the Taliban at present.

“We will announce that the transition to lead Afghan responsibility [for security] is about to start in 2011,” Rasmussen said.

“We hope this process will be completed by the end of 2014 so that the Afghan security forces can take responsibility all over Afghanistan.”

The British in the 19th Century also handed over powers to local proxies as they could not hold onto power in Afghanistan, despite the role as sole super power. The Soviet Union likewise also handed over to local socialist and communist forces before rushing for the exit in the 1980′s after a mauling at the hands of the Afghan people.

But just like before, these proxies are only a means of escaping the conflict, to make good your getaway whilst the locals take the heat not caring if they are slaughtered afterwards.

The difference between now and the end of the Soviet occupation is that then there were several factions each supported by different nations fighting against communism who quickly fell to fighting amongst each other once they left.”

Now there is only one show in town, they already control the countryside, they patrol openly and control many towns as well and move freely through the cities. They have their own judicial system in place with roaming courts and Islamic judges and whether they like it or not the west is going to have to accept within a few years, perhaps even months of their withdrawal the Taliban will control Afghanistan again and the people of Afghanistan will be under the law of God not the law of corrupt kleptomaniacs like Hamid Karzai.

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