Afghan policeman kills six Nato troops

Six Nato troops in Afghanistan, believed to be Americans were shot dead during a training exercise today by an Afghan Policeman the coalition said.

The incident took place in eastern Afghanistan where the majority of foreign forces are from the US and the British media said there are no British troops in the region but this is one of the worst incident involving foreign troops in more than a month.

“An individual in an Afghan border police uniform turned his weapon against International Security Assistance Forces during a training mission today, killing six service members in eastern Afghanistan,” the Nato-led force said in a statement. It said the gunman was then killed in an exchange of shots with other troops.

Increasingly Afghan Soldiers and Policemen are going over to the Taliban, taking their guns and equipment with them but some rather than directly joining the Taliban ranks or going home, are instead turning on the Western troops sent to prop up the Karzai Government.

Many of those left over are criminals themselves, setting up checkpoints across Afghanistan where they rob, rape and murder all those who cannot pay a bribe to pass and it is increasingly the brutal treatment given out by these Afghan forces which is driving people into the arms of the Taliban.

The shooting occurred in Pachir Wagam district of eastern Nangarhar province, an Afghan official told the Associated Press.

Coalition troops have been attacked by members of the Afghan security forces several times now and three British troops, including a senior army officer, were slaughtered by an Afghan colleague inside a patrol base in Helmand province in July this year.

In 2008 two British soldiers were shot and injured by a member of the Afghan security forces and last November five British soldiers were shot dead by an Afghan policeman who was never caught.

There are 138,000 international troops in Afghanistan waging an increasingly unpopular war, around 100,000 of them American. Combat incidents have increased 300% since 2007 as the Western coalition seeks to stop the Taliban advancing all over Afghanistan.

Earlier this month, Nato leaders today set a deadline of the end of 2014 for a halt to combat operations in Afghanistan and handing operations over to the Apostate regime of Hamid Karzai.

Afghan army and police forces are now at a level of more than 260,000. They are due to grow to more than 300,000 next year, which should enable the international forces to gradually pull out, leaving behind training missions that will not engage in combat they hope.

But such a tactic was tried by the Russians during the Jihad against the Soviet Union and failed miserably and such forces just like today were riddled with Mujahideen infiltrators just waiting for a chance to take down one of the kuffar occupation forces.