CBC’s “As It Happens” – November 12, 2010 – Mother of Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan slams Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Defence Minister Peter MacKay for extension of war until 2014.

This mother’s son was killed in Afghanistan in combat in September, 2006

If im a soldier, with a tour to Afghanistan, I think the people of Canada should understand that the soldiers want to be there. We believe we are making a difference and we truly are. The Canadian army is all volunteer, no conscription, so every soldier joins up knowing he/she will go to Afghanistan one day. The ppl there need our help. We cannot just walk away from them, nor can we just cut our losses and leave. The deaths of every soldier would then be in vain. We must stay the course.

Canadians need to take a lesson from the French, and just refuse to put up with a terrible government. In France the government is afraid of the people! In North America People fear their government…..! what is this!!! Harper has other interests at heart and the Canadian people need to stand up to their government!! It is about time OUR government started acting on behalf of the Interests of the Canadian People!!